Are you aware that 60 percent of America, as well as the entire world, is now online? In fact, over 4.66 billion individuals use the Internet every day, mainly through the use of their smartphones.

All of these billions of individuals have billions of pages online for them to browse through every day of their lives. Most use their time on the Internet to watch videos or spend time on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. However, there are also many who use search engines looking for certain information to help them in their daily lives.

Google has over two trillion searches conducted by individuals every year. There are more than five billion searches that occur every day. That’s a huge track record. Every business that wants to be a part of this needs to optimize its pages to best take advantage of it. Get more Google statistics on this link.

If you want to be high on Google’s search engine results for your niche, it takes serious work and dedication on your part. It’s not an easy task. This is why some companies decide to use a Google ads campaign to take care of the situation.


The Internet giant Google offers the service known as Google Ads. The company has the same name as the online browser that is used by the majority of people in the world. It all falls under the umbrella called US business magnate – Alphabet Inc.

Google Ads serve as a shortcut for companies who wish to see their website as one of the first results on Google for the particular niche. The service, of course, comes with a price. Furthermore, some keywords cost more than others.  However, the result is the same – the website of the business will appear first for the niche of all organic results.

The one difference between an organic search and a Google ad is the word “Ad” that appears next to the site’s link that the user will click. The “Ad” is the sign that the business paid to be on top of all other results for the niche.

Not everyone wants to click on a sponsored ad.  However, it’s the most simple and best way for a company to get their website on the first result for individual’s queries for the niche.


Companies that take advantage of Google Ads benefit by appearing on top of the first page of Google for their niches. Over 90 percent of people across the globe use Google. The rest of the search engines are not significant enough for businesses. In other words, Google is King.  That is why Google ads are so valuable.

When you pay for a Google ad, you receive a ton of traffic to your website. Here’s an example: A company sells shoes. Over a million individuals search for the keyword for shoes. Most are looking to buy shoes.

If your site appears on Google as the first result, you’ll get more than twenty percent of all clicks for your keyword. That amounts to over 200,000. However, the ad is highly expensive.

Now let’s look at a more affordable option: In this example, you are a shoe seller from Dallas. If you invest in this pay-per-click campaign, you’ll get a lot of leads from local searches. Therefore, if you’re not seeking to attract the global market, but the local one, you’ll pay a lot less and still get great results.

Want to learn more about PPC and how it works? Let us tell you everything there is to know about the service. This is the best way to market your company on a local level. Let’s say there are 5,000 potential leads.  Paying for the right SEO company to create the right campaign for you can get you on the first page of Google for your niche.


Going with organic SEO is the alternative. The meaning of SEO is search engine optimization. It is the process of optimizing pages to rank high on Google’s search engine. Using Google, you’re using the search engine’s algorithms to give the best results for customers.

Even if you’re a small business from Oklahoma, if you get SEO right, you can rank high on Google’s search engine for your niche.

The reality is, there could be companies that are bigger than yours, but on Google’s search engine, your company will rule. In time, the Google search engine will help your company grow a lot.

Keep in mind, however, that it takes months, and sometimes years, to hit the top of Google and get many visitors as possible.


Many people ask this question. In our opinion, it’s a tie. The first organic search result brings about 30 percent of all the clicks. The ad, despite the fact that it’s placed above the others, receives less. That said, companies that don’t rank at all on page one won’t get any clicks.

It is important to note that both approaches need an investment. Also, organically optimizing a page takes constant work. Getting the job done is not easy. Companies need to pay a digital marketing company.  However, the results are never guaranteed.

But if your efforts pay off, raking high on Google for the organic search results will be wonderful for your business. At the same time, Google Ads and PPC give instant recognition. Many users convert, and businesses get leads. However, these results on Google’s search engine last only until it’s paid. Therefore, it’s a tie. Want to learn more about SEO.  Go to this link: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/seo-101/best-seo-resources/.


You now know the fundamentals of this marketing approach. Being in the SEO world, the right work will get results. Depending on how hard a marketing agency works and what strategy they choose, a business can gain plenty. Utilizing the Ads can give you instant success as long as companies choose the right strategies.